Rainbow Mandalas Cotton Jersey - Contour Shape

Rainbow Mandalas Cotton Jersey - Contour Shape

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Design your perfect pad, made from a lovely and bright print in a super soft cotton Lycra jersey fabric. Choose your ideal length, width, absorbency, and backing fabric. 

The contour shape is a super-comfy, curvy and catch-all design, available in lengths from 7" up to 13" in a symmetrical shape, which is perfect for everyday wear regardless of your flow. Also, for those who love the security of a larger pad, there are 14" and 16" lengths with additional flare to one end. These are perfect for night time and postpartum use too.

Please be aware that pattern placement may vary for made to order made pads, particularly for hand dyed and large prints. 

Custom orders have a 2-4 week lead time during busy periods.