OJ24 – Custom Earthkind Pad

OJ24 – Custom Earthkind Pad

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Earthkind plastic free* reusable menstrual pads are a perfect addition to your stash if you are keen to reduce your microplastic emissions and strive for organic, low impact fabrics.

Pads are made with the following materials:
Organic cotton (95%) with Lycra
Organic cotton and hemp fleece
A hidden layer of water resistant, breathable, high performance 100% cotton
100% cotton needlecord

Pads are sewn with polyester* thread, and finished with rust free metal snaps. Labels are made from polyester* satin. Let me know if you do not want a label attached.

Cotton needlecord backing may vary in colour depending on availability.

Choose your perfect absorbency, length and width for a pad that really suits you and your flow.

** SMALL PRINT: Pads are not 100% plastic free. Natural cotton threads do not provide sufficient longevity and consistency. In this instance polyester thread is necessary for a product that must be durable. In addition, many topper fabrics are made with 5% Lycra added – much like in clothing.



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