J159 – Custom Pad

J159 – Custom Pad

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Design your own pad by choosing the perfect length, width, absorbency, topper and backing fabrics, to create a unique addition to your stash.

The core materials used in each absorbency level are:

  • Liner: Cotton flannel
  • Light: 340-420gsm Organic cotton and bamboo fleece
  • Regular: 500gsm Organic cotton and bamboo fleece
  • Heavy: 920gsm Organic cotton and bamboo fleece
  • Ultra: Zorb 2 plus 920gsm Organic cotton and bamboo fleece.

Pads can be backed in a variety of options:

  • Polar fleece
  • Waterproof softshell
  • Hidden PUL with cotton needlecord
  • Earthkind plastic free with cotton needlecord.

Pads are available in many combinations of length, width, and shape. View the product images to find out more.

Additional information


Liner, Light, Regular, Heavy, Ultra


6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 12" Flared, 13", 14" Flared, 16" Flared


2.25" Superslim Linear, 2.5" Slim Linear, 2.5" Slim Contour, 2.6-2.75" Standard Linear, 2.75" Standard Contour, 3" Wide Contour


Cotton Needlecord, Polar Fleece, Hidden PUL & Cotton Needlecord, Waterproof Softshell


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