Facial Rounds / Make-up Removal Wipes – Pack of 5

Facial Rounds / Make-up Removal Wipes – Pack of 5


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Ditch the cotton wool or disposable cleansing wipes in favour of these eco-friendly alternatives.

Used with cream or liquid cleaner, toner, make-up remover or even just water, these super soft and luxurious wipes are a perfect addition to your beauty regime. Just use them and wash with your laundry, ideally in a small mesh bag so you machine doesn’t eat them!

Made with cotton jersey on one side, and either bamboo velour, cotton velour or bamboo baby loop terry on the other. Fabric selections are random as they are made from the offcuts from sewing cloth menstrual pads.  Pads measure approximately 3-3.5″.

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Bamboo Velour, Cotton Velour, Bamboo Terry


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