Earthkind CSP

Cloth sanitary pads are a great way of reducing household waste whilst taking control of the way you manage your periods in a planet friendly way.

Earthkind CSP by Ngozi Sews take eco-friendly a step further, by reducing the quantity of plastics used to a bare minimum whilst still being absorbent, comfortable, discreet and reliable. The are made from organic cotton and hemp, which have less impact on the planet in their production than non-organics and bamboo.

Earthkind CSP are available in the following options:
7" Light (2.5" snapped width) - £7
9" Light (2.5" snapped width) - £7.75
9" Regular (2.5" snapped width) - £8.25
11" Regular (2.75" snapped width) - £9.25
11" Heavy (2.75" snapped width) - £9.75
13" Heavy (2.75" snapped width) - £10.75

All prices are inclusive of UK post.

Earthkind CSP will be available for purchase from /earthkind very soon.