Earthkind 2.0 - PLASTIC FREE PADS!

Yes, you read that correctly! 

From September 2018 I will be offering a new version of Earthkind pads which no longer have a synthetic backing fabric for water resistant protection. 

After many months of research, I have found an all-natural material that offers water repellency that is far superior to polyester fleece. Hidden behind cotton needlecord it offers a lovely slim pad that is perfect for those who are looking to remove plastic from their lives. 

This ground-breaking fabric results in no shedding microplastics, and coupled with an organic cotton & hemp core, organic cotton topper, cotton label and metal snaps makes one of the most eco-conscious reusable menstrual pads on the market!

Earthkind 2.0 will be available in Light, Regular and Heavy absorbencies, from 7" up to 13" and widths from 2.5" to 3". You will be able to place custom orders, choosing from a variety of toppers made from 100% cotton, or 95% cotton with 5% Lycra. 

I hope you are as excited about the new product as me! Watch this space!

* Smallprint: Pads are constructed using polyester thread, because cotton thread isn't a viable option yet. Some topper fabrics contain 5% Lycra, which is a plastic - However there will be options available that do not contain Lycra. 

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